3 Tips for Buying a Smoking Hose


buy hose for smoking

Water hoses are a marijuana luxury.

When you’re in a hurry, a quick coupler may be the most convenient way to smoke. But when you have plenty of time, buds, and company, water hoses are the way to go.

A well-designed smoking hose cools your cravings and gives your lungs a chance to relax. You don’t rush to get high, but smoke like royalty.

Of course, first, you need to pick a water hose that checks all the correct boxes. What type of glass water hose should you be in the market for? Please read carefully to find out.

1. Why size matters

If you’ve never owned a water hose before, you might want to go out and buy the biggest one you can find. But bigger isn’t always better.

Why not buy a large bong? On the one hand, having wider water pipes means you’re going to be hit harder. If you want an easier smoking experience, stick with the medium size.

Next, think about where your pipes will be stored. A large design makes sense if your plumbing will be anchored in the living room. However, if you need a portable pipe, choose a hand-held aerator.

2. Different designs of water pipes

Some of the best ducts will include multiple filters for fumes. The more smoke you filter, the smoother your hits will be.


If the downpipe of the water hose is long, that’s a plus, as you can fill it with ice for extra filtering. Next, notice how the bowl is set up.

The bowl is where you put your marijuana. If the hose has a removable bowl, make sure you can remove it without burning your fingers.

3. How thick is the glass?

Finally, the thickness of the water pipes is also important. The thicker the glass, the more durable your pipes will be.

For example, when you buy this collection, you will find that there are no thin glass designs of any kind. This has to do with the ability of thick glass to handle extreme temperatures.

If you’re looking for a 2-in-1 option, look for a water hose that can also be used as a tap rig. In case you didn’t know, dab is a supercharged, concentrated form of THC.

DAB rigs have some of the most durable glass designs and they work well with concentrates. Instead of the only smoking flower, you’ll be able to enjoy crumbles, waxes, crumbles, and more!

Explore smoking pipes

At the end of the day, the best hose for smoking is the hose that suits your smoking style. Since there are so many different designs on the market today, be patient and explore all your options. Check out what different water pipes look like online and note which settings work best for you.

If you need more tips before buying, we’ve got you covered. Just browse the other sections of our website for more information.


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