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5 Advantages of Biological Pest Control


Biological Pest Control

Did you know that biological pest control uses organisms to protect plants from other pests? For example, beneficial insects such as predator mites can get rid of spider mites.

Are you looking for a safer alternative to chemical pest control? Do you know the benefits of organisms like nematodes or phytoplankton?

The following guide will explore the top 5 advantages of biological pest control. Read on to learn why it’s best to ditch the chemicals and switch to beneficial bacteria and insects.

1. Safer method

Biological pest control methods do not leave any lasting residues in the environment. Chemical pesticides often seep into groundwater or impart high resistance to insect strains.

Replacing chemicals with biological controls can reduce environmental, legal, and public safety concerns. Today, you can easily find a pesticide company that uses biological agents among other things.

2. Increase selectivity

The prey-predator or host-parasite relationship is very specific and usually does not affect other organisms. The environment greatly benefits from this enhanced specificity.

For example, nematodes get into insects and start eating bacteria. Nematodes must be the correct size to get into a particular insect.

3. Cost control

Using biological pest control instead of pesticides can be more or less expensive. Examples of fees include research, selection, cultivation, and testing of biological agents.


Although, biological pest control can be long term and less expensive when biologicals are used for low level pest populations. The use of fungi to attack and kill insects is a good long-term example.

Fungal spores penetrate insects and grow on them. Insects take about 7 days to die. Fungus is very affordable unless you need it in large quantities for serious pest infestations.

4. Effectiveness

The effectiveness of biological pest control is perhaps its greatest benefit. It goes without saying that any pest population you need to control can be controlled.

Naturally introduced biologics automatically target the pests you want to eradicate. Often, you will see a dramatic reduction in pest numbers.

5. Self-sustaining

Beneficial insects and bacteria released into the environment are self-sustaining. They usually do this by reducing the population of whatever pests they use to control.

Biological control requires very little effort to manage the system and keep it running smoothly. Biological control tends to stay in place for longer periods of time than other pest control options.

For example, chemical pesticides need to be constantly reintroduced into the environment to be effective. The self-sustaining quality of biologics makes it much less time-consuming.

Using Biological Pest Control

Now you know 5 great reasons to use biological pest control instead of traditional chemical methods. They save money and time while effectively reducing the number of pesky insects. Most importantly, they are safer options for the environment and people.

Consider having a professional assess your pest problems and explore biological control options. In some cases, the use of biologics may be the only solution.

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