5 Key Tips for Parenting a Child with Autism


Raising Autistic Children

Your chance of having a child with autism is 1 in 44. Having said that, if you are currently parenting a child with autism, you are in a small but mighty club!

Our initial understanding of the disease and its complexities is improving every day. A good autistic parent is willing to grow and change as their child grows and changes. It takes a lot of flexibility and even courage.

Are you ready for a challenge?

No one expects you to be Parent of the Year every day, but success starts with a willingness to see the world from another angle. We’ve collected five tips to help you learn how to be a better parent of children with all types of autism. Read on to learn more.

1. All action is communication

Read the statement, and then read it again. This is true of children with autism, and it is true of everyone you meet in your life. When you are frustrated with your child’s behavior, take a moment to ask yourself “What can my child tell me?”

Children don’t break down or throw tantrums for embarrassing or frustrating us. They responded this way because it was the clearest way to express what was wrong in their world.

Remember that extreme behavior is unpleasant for children! If they weren’t in a rush to communicate their needs, they wouldn’t be!


2. Find help

The term “autism friendly” is your friend, so keep an eye out for helpers and providers who offer these services! This might mean using an autism-friendly pediatric dentist or attending an autism-friendly show at your local theater. These assistants will open up the world for your family in a comfortable, convenient and fun way!

3. Embrace what makes your child special

Special interests and affinity are the cornerstones of an autism diagnosis. They also tend to represent your child’s highest functioning area! If their game seems repetitive, start with interest and redirect, but give them a chance to stay engaged.

4. Choose positivity whenever possible

Having said that, it is easy to focus on a child’s deficiencies with therapy and IEP. When you highlight what they “lack” (which is a competent idea in itself!) you miss celebrating their unique strengths and talents. This includes utilizing positive discipline.

5. Take care of yourself

One of our biggest parenting tips is to remember parenting It’s not just about kids – that’s why it has the word parents inside! You are important and deserve passion and free time outside of family responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of respite services if needed!

Learn to love children with autism

Living with autism offers parents the opportunity to see the world from a unique and fascinating perspective. Every child with autism is an individual, so every parenting journey will be different. Your willingness to let your child lead will help you learn to love and raise a child with autism!

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