3 Injuries That May Need Facial Reconstruction


facial reconstruction

Modern medicine has brought procedures once thought impossible to reality. In previous years, facial reconstruction was not possible. Especially in the case of oral tears, doctors are limited in repairing the torn tissue and skin on the face. Today, it’s entirely possible.

If you have experienced facial injuries in the past and present, there may be a solution to ease your facial trauma. Are you interested in learning more about how craniofacial reconstruction can benefit your situation.

This article will explain three types of injuries that may require facial reconstruction.

What is Facial Reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is the reconstruction of major tissues and the formation of a normal face. Simply put, facial reconstruction surgery is a procedure to restore the face. Facial reconstruction is a form of plastic surgery designed to rebuild your face after severe facial trauma.

Facial reconstruction can be used for burns, tissue destruction, and fractures.

1. Car accident

More than 6 million car accidents occur each year, claiming approximately 90 lives every day. Those lucky enough to survive a serious car crash usually get away with serious injuries and medical conditions. Many of these injuries require long-term treatment.


Airbag deployment, broken glass, and not wearing seat belts can cause facial fractures that require initial repairs. If you were the victim of a catastrophic car accident and suffered facial injuries, you have hope. Talk to your doctor to learn more about how facial reconstruction surgery can reduce facial trauma.

2. Waterfall

The average person will fall countless times in their lives, and these instances are almost always harmless. However, people who do hazardous work at heights are more prone to fatal falls. When this happens, they can suffer facial injuries if they land on the face.

Dangerous falls are not only fatal to those involved, but can result in severe facial trauma. This is because if a person cannot stop a fall, the face will bear the brunt. No matter how serious your injury is, facial reconstruction may be the answer.

3. Interpersonal violence

Another unfortunate cause of facial reconstruction is interpersonal violence. This simply means violence involving two or more people, such as beatings and lacerations. If you have been involved in interpersonal violence and suffered multiple facial injuries, be sure to discuss your options with your doctor.

If your wound does not heal naturally, facial reconstruction may be a good option. Facial reconstruction can be used to remove stab wounds, gunshot wounds, and oral lacerations.

Want to learn more about facial reconstruction?

Facial reconstruction is one of the most revolutionary medical procedures in world history. This app has helped millions of people around the world regain their looks and live more comfortable lives. Having said that, are you considering talking to your doctor about undergoing this procedure?

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