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A Brief Timeline of Aspen Medical in Fiji


Aspen Medical in Fiji

Fiji faces myriad health care problems, with about 85% of deaths in previous years due to non-communicable diseases. The public is increasingly demanding to strengthen the country’s healthcare system. Citizens want Fiji to be positioned as a regional hub for healthcare services while addressing the growing burden of disease.

For several years, Aspen Medical has been in charge of two hospitals in the country. Unfortunately, Aspen Medical has been failing in the health and safety of Fiji citizens. Many felt that Aspen Medical was not delivering on its promises.

This guide will discuss everything you must know about Aspen Medical in Fiji.

What is Aspen Healthcare?

Australian owned company Aspen Medical provides global healthcare solutions. The company says they offer tailored and innovative services.

Aspen Medical signed a government contract with Fiji in 2019. The expectation is that Aspen Medical will provide patients with cutting-edge technology. They will also take over the management of Ba and Lautoka hospitals.

The two hospitals are expected to be operational by June 2021. However, this did not happen. The government agreement also stipulates that the company will have 23 years to operate the two hospitals.

The failure of Aspen Medical

In May 2021, Lautoka Hospital is closed. The shutdown occurred during a surge in COVID-19 cases. Hospitals are unable to provide adequate care to the growing number of patients.


At this time, Lautoka Hospital has not yet reopened. While Ba Hospital did reopen earlier this year, the facility has been inundated with COVID-19 patients.

The country has suffered countless deaths due to COVID-19. Fiji does not have the technology and funding to help them prepare for and fight a global pandemic.

Fiji invested millions of dollars in the solution proposed by Aspen Medical. However, Aspen Medical did not insist on terminating the contract. As a result, many Fijian citizens have lost their lives to the corruption behind Aspen Medical.

Aspen Medical’s History of Corruption

Corruption is not limited to Aspen, Fiji. The company has been linked to money laundering and corruption in other countries such as Sri Lanka. The company’s unethical conduct focused on the proposed reconstruction of the Hambantota District Hospital.

Suggested Solutions

Many believe that public health care should not be privatized. People think the government should run the public healthcare system. Trained public employees shall staff the facility.

Others believe that the Fijian government should require Aspen Medical to perform the contract. They also believe that companies should return their money to the government. If they refund what they paid, the government has the money to build their health care system.

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Aspen Medical has let Fiji citizens down. The company did not stand by what they outlined in the government contract. As a result, many Fijians are not getting the care they need to help them fight COVID-19.

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