Signs of Addiction: How to Recognize a Loved One Needs Help


signs of addiction

Do you suspect your family is addicted?

The current health crisis is making people even more stressed. As a result, some Americans have turned to substance abuse to cope with the situation. It has led to a surge in drug overdose deaths.

In order to save your loved one, knowing the signs of addiction is crucial. Read on for the signs of addiction below and what you can do about it.

mood swings

People who struggle with addiction exhibit mood swings. Some people’s emotions become unpredictable, while others experience manic behavior.

One of the signs of heroin addiction is the inability to control one’s behavior. Other substances can make people hysterical.

Some addicts also become irritable and defensive. They prefer to isolate themselves in their own room. They also avoid talking, especially with other family members.

Addiction can also lead to depression and anxiety. It makes the addict lose interest in life. Enthusiasm fades when the desire to work and study fades.

drastic physical changes

Substance abuse can lead to devastating physical changes. One of the signs of cocaine addiction is nausea and shaking.

Alcoholics become restless once they stop drinking. Others develop high tolerance. It makes them smoke or ingest more substances than before.

Some addicts also had bloodshot eyes, while others displayed a dull stare. Long-term effects can lead to excessive weight loss. They suffer organ damage, leading to chronic and fatal diseases.


relationship instability

Addiction can also affect the way an addict interacts with those around him. They develop a feeling that everyone is following them. When someone talks to them, they see it as a provocation.

Violent quarrels with relatives often occur. It keeps families at a distance from their loved ones.

Addiction can also end marriages. This is one of the main reasons for couples to divorce. After all, substance abuse has changed the way people experience relationships.

In some cases, drug users can become violent. As a result, they hurt their spouses and children. When domestic abuse occurs, divorce often follows.

Addressing the signs of addiction

Addressing the signs of opiate addiction and alcoholism takes a lot of work. It takes more than one person to help someone out of an addiction.

Offer your support to make your loved one feel like you understand their situation. Let them know you are here to help and let them feel your love.

Your family may deny that they are addicted to drugs. Even if they plead guilty, they may make excuses not to seek help. Reassure them that everything will be fine.

Never use a condemning tone because it will make your loved one feel guilty. Ask them to seek professional help. Continue your encouragement, even if they push you away.

Find a trusted recovery center. Visit for more information on dealing with substance abuse and addiction.

Improve your health and wellbeing

Knowing the signs of addiction can allow you to help a loved one more effectively. You can also keep your family safe from the dangers of substance abuse.

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