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The Best Ways to Consume Marijuana Without Smoking


Edible marijuana without smoking

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 50 million Americans, or about 18 percent of the population, say they consume marijuana.

There are many benefits to consuming marijuana, both for those with a medical prescription and those without a prescription. Marijuana can help treat chronic pain, alcohol and drug abuse, depression and social anxiety, epilepsy, and more.

If you’re not a fan of marijuana, there are many other ways to smoke marijuana. In this blog post, we’ll cover the best alternatives you can try. These include foods, pills and tablets, e-cigarettes, tinctures and cannabis topicals.


Eating marijuana is a great alternative to smoking and allows you to be creative. Of course, you can eat raw marijuana, although it won’t have the same effect because it skips a process called decarboxylation.

When it comes to weed-infused foods, the list is endless. This includes everything from marijuana chocolate chip cookies and weed grilled cheese sandwiches to weed snickers and weed jams. Your imagination is the only limit!

Pills and Tablets

For medical marijuana, pills and tablets allow for precise dosing. This is a more traditional way of taking the medication, and it’s an option for people who aren’t sure about smoking or other ways to consume weed. We recommend that you discuss taking herbicides or pills with your doctor.



If you are not a keen smoker, e-cigarettes may be a better personal choice. E-cigarettes work by heating marijuana to levels that release cannabinoids into the air. This produces inhalable vapors.

It’s easier on the lungs and more cautious than smoking.


Cannabis tinctures are an alcohol-based cannabis extract that is gaining popularity in the United States. Tinctures are a great option if you’re looking for a smoke-free option.

Tinctures are discreet, allowing precise dosing, and the contents can be added to beverages.

Cannabis Topics

For those who are looking for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis rather than brain effects, topical use is the way to go. Balms, creams, and patches can be applied to the skin to help relieve pain and inflammation. You can even use cannabis lube in the bedroom!

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Popular ways to consume marijuana without smoking

As this article highlights, smoking marijuana is not the only way to consume weed. There are many options for those interested in the health and social benefits of cannabis. Remember, be sure to speak with your doctor before taking marijuana in any form.

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